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  • New Music: Abigail Mitchell

    New Music: Abigail Mitchell

    Abigail Mitchell was one of the most iconic villains on the TV series “Columbo.” Played by an 81 year old Ruth Gordon, she was a playful and charming yet cold-blooded murderer. Born on the fiddle in the heart of the 2020 lockdown, this instrumental ode to “Abbie” features a haunting chord progression and a melody…

  • MMC Showcase at the Hook & Ladder Theater 7/28

    MMC Showcase at the Hook & Ladder Theater 7/28

    We’re excited to be back at the Hook & Ladder Theater in Minneapolis for a special MN artist showcase sponsored by the Minnesota Music Coalition! This 21+ show will also feature folk singer Eli Gardiner & Americana quartet The 4 Corners and is sure to be an amazing night of music! More Info:

  • NEW MUSIC: Crocodile Man

    NEW MUSIC: Crocodile Man

    Legend has it Dave Carter was inspired to write Crocodile Man after being picked-up by Merle Haggard in a souped up Plymouth Duster while hitchhiking in Oklahoma. Please enjoy our high-energy bluegrass spin on this modern folk classic featuring Eric on fiddle and vocals, re-telling the tale that Dave Carter referred to as the true…