Category: High 48s Music

  • Holidays with The High 48s

    We are thrilled to announce the release of our first ever Christmas album, Holidays with the High 48s on December 5th! This is a very personal project for the band that features Christmas and seasonal music from our collective childhoods (and some current favorites too). The album showcases a mix of bluegrass, gospel and Americana versions of…

  • Thumbs Up from Bluegrass Today!

    A big thanks to Bluegrass Today for the nice review of our most recent album, Great Northern Railroad. We’re really proud of this album and it’s our best seller yet (already in its second pressing!), so it’s especially gratifying to get an attaboy like this one from the bluegrass blog of record. To read the review,…

  • Great Northern Railroad Hits the Charts!

    Just got word that our new album Great Northern Railroad hit the Roots Music Report charts this week, debuting at number 48. And for some reason, as I typed that last sentence, I could hear the actual voice of Casey Kasem saying it…in my head, of course.  Kinda strange, but kinda cool, too.