Eric Christopher and Anthony Ihrig Holiday Show at the Three Crows Cafe

Anthony and I just booked a holiday show at the Three Crows Cafe in Delano, MN, on December 8 at 7:30pm. Although we only play a few duo shows a year, they’re some of our favorite gigs to play. These shows are always super spontaneous and super high energy (that’s just what happens when you leave a fiddler and a banjo player to their own devices — out come the breakneck fiddle/banjo tunes!).

In addition to a generous helping of fiddle and banjo instrumentals, we’ll be singing a lot of traditional bluegrass duets and sprinkling in songs and tunes from our various side projects. And of course there will be X-mas music!

For more information, visit the Three Crows Cafe website at

Hope to see you there!