Welcome Clint Birtzer on Guitar & Vocals!

Clint Birtzer - Guitar and Vocals

We’re thrilled to welcome our longtime friend and flatpicking phenom Clint Birtzer to The High 48s on guitar and vocals!

Clint is no stranger to the midwest bluegrass scene, and many of you have no doubt heard him rip it up onstage already. He’s a three-time Minnesota State Flatpicking Guitar Champion who’s been performing in the region for over a decade as a founding member of the popular progressive bluegrass band The Sawtooth Brothers.

Clint is both a talented guitar player and a powerful vocalist whose style draws on classic country, classic rock, bluegrass, and blues influences that come from his eclectic musical upbringing.

We’ve been rehearsing with Clint these last couple months and are excited beyond words about what we’ve been hearing. We can’t wait for you to see and hear him in action with the 48s starting in 2018!

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