Mike Hedding – Mandolin and Vocals

Mike Hedding - Mandolin and VocalsMike Hedding has been a staple of the Minnesota bluegrass scene for the better part of a decade. He first started playing mandolin in 2005 while he was studying at the University of Minnesota. He had been listening to classic rock and jam bands for years, but started to develop his taste for bluegrass while learning the mandolin. He quickly decided he needed to widen his talents and picked up the banjo.

His whirlwind introduction into the genre soon found him in the field of teaching. He started teaching mandolin and banjo in 2009 and now teaches mandolin, banjo, bass, and guitar full-time. He has been studying Monroe-style mandolin with mandolin master Mike Compton since 2012 and remains self-taught on the banjo, utilizing classic bluegrass recordings and books to hone his craft.

Learn more about Mike at: http://www.mikeheddingmusic.com/