Great Northern Railroad Hits the Charts!

Just got word that our new album Great Northern Railroad hit the Roots Music Report charts this week, debuting at number 48.

And for some reason, as I typed that last sentence, I could hear the actual voice of Casey Kasem saying it…in my head, of course.  Kinda strange, but kinda cool, too.


  • Mark Garrett

    Hey y’all I have no idea what would bring you to our small little venue, The Chestnut Center in Marshfield Wisconsin, but I am sure glad you came. I enjoyed the show very much! Thank you!

  • Thanks for reaching out Mark, its a great little venue, we hope to see you there again in the future!

  • Mark Garrett

    Thank you. Seriously. Its a rarity to see a band of your caliber in our little town. We had actually just returned from Milwaukee where we spent the weekend checking out music. Thats where we usually have to travel to find really good music. Dont take me wrong, there is talent here, but its mostly indviduals not national recording artists. It was very nice to end the weekend by returning home to see a band as good or better than those we saw in Milwaukee. I see that y’all play the Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois scene a lot. You will see us again. Thanks to y’all and thanks to The Chestnut Center for hosting!